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Friday, April 30, 2010

True Cures

So, it's been a while since I updated this blog. Some serious stuff has gone down... I'm seriously hating college, I've made plans to go skydiving, and I've stopped sucking so horribly at Modern Warfare 2.
So I've come here to post a little bit about David Flowers, creator of True Cures. Mister Flowers has recently taken it upon himself to join the JREF forums and start a thread about his ideas. I don't join in the conversation for a few pages (I'm Pure_Argent), but whatever.
Flowers is under the impression, like most alternative medicine peddlers, that Big Pharma is a lie. He goes a little further than most, though, and says that not only is Big Pharma a lie, but all treatments are lies - except his. Homeopathy and other "natural" medicines are just as much bunk as actual medicine. It's just that homeopathy and the like is slightly better than Big Pharma, because it uses True Cures.

True Cures' underlying principles are:
- there is no such thing as an incurable disease
- there are no genetic diseases, only pathogens passed on from parent to child
- the human immune system can defeat any disease by utilizing the 95% of the brain that is not used

Basically, True Cures consists of you saying certain words which subconsciously activate the "sleeping" parts of your immune system, thereby allowing it to destroy any invading pathogens and curing all disease. Besides the obvious fact that all of this is bullshit, Flowers himself is unable to explain how this is supposed to work.

So I've attempted to get Flowers to tell me how to cure myself of asthma, but nothing doing: he keeps dancing around the issue and focusing on tangential issues, like where the medicine farmers use comes from. If you're interested, go ahead and read the thread.

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