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Friday, April 9, 2010

David Mabus

He stalks me, I swear it. No matter where I go, it seems that he finds me and begins his spam campaign anew. First it was the JREF forums, then it moved to the Facebook group "Reason-Based Atheism", then to the Atheism fan page, then to NationStates Forums, then to DiscussTheParanormal, then to The Thinking Atheist forums... Seriously, after a while it just gets creepy. Is he monitoring my internet activity or something?
...If so, he'll probably start blackmailing me soon.


Then again, I'm probably just suffering from confirmation bias. Mabus is famous for spamming pretty much every site on the internet, and I visit a lot of different discussion forums. Odds are that I'll run into him a lot.
What's funny, though, is that he actually bothers to come up with different usernames for all these sites. On places like Facebook, it's understandable, as he gets banned fairly quickly and has to keep inventing sock puppets. But on sites like TTAF, he doesn't even start out as David Mabus. He's calling himself "lambyjones22". I mean, what's the point? He never makes an attempt to pretend that he's doing anything more than spamming his usual bull.
It might be understandable if he was actually talking - I myself use a lot of different usernames all around the internet - but he's not even varying his stuff a little bit. He copy-pastes the same thing, verbatim, all over the net. Why not keep your username the same, too? It must get confusing, trying to remember the names and passwords of all your socks.
Anyway, there's a link to this blog in my signature over on TTAF. If he ever bothers to look at anything, he might be reading this. So... HAI MABUS! WAZZUP?

Him who mountain crush him no
Him who sun him stop him no
Him who hammer him break him no
Him who fire him fear him no
Him who raise him head above him heart
Him diamond

- Translation of troll pictograms
Terry Pratchett, Thud!

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  1. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. You owe me fifteen brain cells to replace the ones that died when I looked at this page.